Management of Property for Short Term Rentals

Monique Oberholzer         083 355 0915    0312017518

I would like to offer you a completely hands-off solution:

·         I will be taking care of the marketing of your property.  I have been in the             hospitality  business for the past 14 years.


·         I personally welcome guests which give the guests a better experience                 than if they are given a key to the apartment.


·         We do all the correspondance with your guests and arrange bookings and           handle all the moneys.  Once the guests arrive, we pay you directly.


·         Handle all of the marketing and administrative aspects of the business.


·         Actively involved ensuring that the servicing is done up to standard,                     inventory checks and maintenance calls. We organise with plumbers,                   electricians, Airconditioning experts, Sliding Doors and windows, Shower             doors and general maintenance.  We are there to let in these people, to               supervise their work, and to check everyting has been completed to the               right standard.



·         Cleaning Services and the purchase of cleaning products.


.         Laundry and Ironing Service for changeovers


·         An invoice for our management charge and for any additional items                     purchase on the owner’s behalf.



·         A statement showing all debits and credits to your account.


·         Guest Relation Report: I get online guest feedback that most, but not all,               of our guests complete.

          I use this to keep a close eye on the business, and to ensure that our                   standards are being maintained. 


Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!